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Maria Lau

Between August through May 2019, I’ve gained 3kg skeletal muscle mass and lost 7.4% body fat. I’ve also lost 3cm around my waist and visually, my co-workers and closed ones could see that my upper body is more upright and my glutes are rounder. Lastly, the happiest change in my body is that now, I’m 100% confident to squat and do lunges as my knees do not feel the pain anymore!

I was referred to Fitness Factory by a friend who understood my struggle in gaining muscle mass, especially in building bigger glutes. One of my main fitness goals during that time was to achieve the desired symmetry for bikini category in bodybuilding competition. This wasn’t easy for me because I suffered from knee injuries since middle of 2017. Doing squats or lunges seemed impossible for me.

So, I visited Fitness Factory website and thoroughly read about the achievements and success stories of Fitness Factory founders, Joan and Augustine, in the bodybuilding world. A few days later, I paid a visit to Fitness Factory and met the man who started it all, Mr. Augustine Lee. After an eye-opening conversation with Augustine, I was heavily inspired by his 40 years of bodybuilding experience that I knew I had to work with him. When I train at Fitness Factory, the first thing I learnt was the importance of having the mind and muscle connection. This is key to a good workout as the mind and the muscles must work as 1 unit to reach the goal of consistency in every repetitions. This is also paired off with correct and detailed explanation as to how certain exercises will work certain muscles.

Most importantly, I always have 2 pairs of eyes watching all my repetitions during my training sessions. The amount of attention given to me during my training is something which I can only find in Fitness Factory. This is extremely important to prevent injuries and also to learn the right techniques in resistance training.

– Maria Lau Business Manager PB International

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