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Fitness Factory

Established in 2005, Fitness Factory is Singapore’s first no-membership exclusive gym, the award-winning original personal-training only gym.

Our Founders


Highly regarded in the fitness industry in Singapore and abroad, Augustine has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, a certified Asian Bodybuilding Federation coach and Special Populations personal trainer (American Fitness Professionals & Associates), as well as a speaker and competition judge.

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Renowned international bodybuilder with multiple awards at home and abroad. First Singaporean to be awarded the prestigious International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro status. Successful entrepreneur and personal trainer. Appointed lecturer, examiner and programme developer for ISSN Sports Nutrition and certified ISSN Sports Nutritionist. FISAF Personal Trainer and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Advocate for empowerment through fitness.

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Fitness Factory

A vision to ‘grow people into being their own personal champions’ has Fitness Factory emerge as one of the premier fitness gyms of Singapore. Set up in 2005, Fitness Factory prides itself in being the original personal-training only gym and the first no-membership exclusive gym.

Fully-Customised Personal Training

Programme design that is customized to every individual, unique and progressive to cover all facets of fitness development.


A 30-Minutes session that is perfect for those who have limited time but need a quick but effective workout!

Personal Nutrition Plan

Private consultations to help you understand better on your personal dietary needs and how to adapt into your current lifestyle.

Restorative Stretch Therapy  (RST™)

To get Better posture, relief of pain and general well-being.

In-Depth Body Analysis (seca mBCA)

Most comprehensive body composition analysis.

We’ve helped over 7500 clients achieve

their fitness goals for the past 18 years.

Why Fitness Factory?

Hear from our clients on what is unique about Fitness Factory and their experiences training with us!