7 Easy-To-Follow Weight Loss Strategies

It’s harder than ever to get the body you want and the health that you deserve. With fad diets and unrelenting marketing from food companies that are allowed to lie their way to more sales, your health and well-being become the last concerns of the food industry at large. But you are always first to Joan Liew.
With her seven easy-to-follow weight loss strategies, you’ll be on your way to getting lean and healthy, and you won’t even have to follow an unrealistic diet or workout plan to get there. Joan has created a system with the modern lifestyle in mind. You’ll still get to go out with friends, enjoy the restaurants you like, along with the occasional treat here and there. Joan’s weight loss strategy is not a diet. It’s not a work out plan. It’s a mindset, and it’s one that’ll give you the body you want, the health you deserve, and a lifestyle you can maintain for a long, long time.



The best diet is the one you won’t even notice. You can follow the tips in this book and still go out to eat with friends.

How to set S-M-A-R-T goals to help yourself achieve your long-term goals easily.

Learn the basics of macronutrients, understand how much to eat and how to eat well, without obsessing with calorie count and still lead a normal life.

Understand food labelling and how to identify the facts through the overwhelming information from food advertising.

Discover the truths about exercise and how you can effectively manage your workouts to see results.


An internationally acclaimed bodybuilder, accredited fitness trainer, and certified ISSN sports nutritionist, Joan Liew began her fitness journey at the tender age of 17. Since then, she has achieved numerous gold medals in Asian-level competitions, NPC USA competitions, and the Arnold Classic in the USA.
Joan is the first Singaporean to attain the prestigious IFBB Pro League athlete status in 2017. Today, Joan and her business partner, Augustine Lee, run a successful fitness enterprise, offering their proprietary fitness program in the world-class fitness gym, Fitness Factory (
Joan holds a degree in Business Commerce (Marketing), as well as diplomas in Sports and Wellness Management and Health Studies (Nutrition).


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