Client Testimonial

Jojo Lim

My name is Jojo and a mother of two wonderful children. I have always enjoyed exercising and training, and I like to challenge myself and see how far I can go. Then came an opportunity for me to compete on stage, at the Fitness Superstar 2018.

However, I only had 6 weeks to prepare, but I trusted my trainers Augustine and Joan to help me. My family gave me their love and support that allowed me to focus on my training.

Augustine and Joan created a sophisticated blend of grueling workouts and precise nutrition plan tailored for me up to the very day of the event. I enjoyed the whole journey of preparation for the competition up to the time I stood on stage. I worked hard under my coaches’ guidance.
When I was crowned as the winner of my category, it was a moment I will remember for years to come.

Success starts with taking the first single step. The most important part is to find the right coach who can lead you to success and surpassing your own limits.

Thank you Fitness Factory, Augustine and Joan, for supporting me in my own pursuit of dreams and passion.

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