Meet Reeta, 55, who came to look for us to help to her address some old injuries she has, caused by chronic poor posture and exacerbated by poor execution technique during her own exercise sessions.

We put Reeta through a unique program with one of our Master Trainers, Jacob, that specifically address the issues she has. She subsequently had her injuries resolved, rebuilt her foundational skills in training, and achieved the health and fitness milestones that many aspire to have.

It has been 13 years into Reeta’s journey to optimal health, and she is still going on strong with Fitness Factory Reeta embodies the true spirit of Never-Give-Up, and constantly pushing boundaries for herself. Her determination reminds us that it’s never too late to start, or even to restart, your fitness journey.

Watch her journey and let her inspire you to prioritize your own health, no matter the age or fitness level. Remember, your best days are still ahead of you!


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