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Ernesztina Soos

Before my journey at Fitness Factory, I put myself through strict diets. I would end up being hungry after and my diets would fall short. After my pregnancy I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym and start on a proper workout plan to get back in shape again. My main goal was simple: to build muscle and lose fat. I wanted my body to be firmer and leaner to achieve the perfect bikini body.

During my first 30 sessions I learned how to focus during training. The biggest difference between the training methodology and the service that I have received at Fitness Factory compared to other gyms is the approach. First of all, Joan and Augustine’s method focuses more on the connection between the muscles and mind, which is achieved by the proper technique. Once the connection is there your muscle development will be progressing. They believe in the power of the mind.

Training under IFBB Pro, Joan Liew, she shared very useful advice and created a personal nutrition plan for me. This was different from every other diet I have put myself through. My new nutrition plan was sustainable and I easily managed it without starving myself. The best thing is that I am still keeping up with my diet without difficulty!

Joan Liew is a fantastic person and a great trainer! I am very happy that I have got the training opportunity with her! The only thing I regret that I didn’t start earlier.

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