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Clarissa Then

I am Clarissa Then and I am in my 40’s. All my life, I have been a sports enthusiast, being in competitive swimming and badminton since young. I picked up long-distance running in my mid 20’s and participated in many endurance races, including biathlons and long-distance swimming and running.  The timing of my races was decent, but I reached a plateau in my performance which made me unmotivated.

Then, about 3 years ago, I met Joan Liew, one of the owners of Fitness Factory, at a sports event, and she explained to me the fundamentals of building muscular strength to empower the body to go faster and stay strong longer through the race.   I gave resistance training a go and the rest was history. Through the targeted and customized resistance training program professionally developed by the 2 owners, Joan and Augustine, my race times improved. Most importantly, I was racing without injury, having developed a strong foundation in my core muscle groups.   Nothing escapes the eyes of Joan and Augustine during the resistance training sessions – their instructions to make a minute tweak of my stance can make a world difference in working on specific muscles. The other part of the high-performance equation is nutrition, which Joan dedicatedly advises based on my racing schedule.

Another important aspect of my life is to have a good balance between my career and my family. Many neglect the importance of fitness in their pursuit of success in their careers. For myself, having good health means that I can spend more quality time with my family while still enjoying the sport I love most. And the resistance training at Fitness Factory has certainly helped me to achieve this.

Last but not least, I love how the gym is well-equipped and maintained, and the friendly, professional team further makes my every visit there a highly enjoyable one. Thank you, Team Fitness Factory!!!

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