Client Testimonial

Daniel Soos

I first visited the Fitness Factory in August, 2019 to pick up my Versa Gripps. I have heard good things about Versa Gripps and since at that times I was in the process of recovering from a wrist injury I thought I give it a try. I had entered the gym then Augustine came to me and we started to talk about training. During the conversation he gave his honest opinion about my current physique, highlighting my weak parts and problems with my symmetry and the importance of proper training technique. He was confident that he can help me with all those issues. I was surprised but happy at the same time to receive such a direct but valuable feedback, which immediately gave me the impression that he knows what he is talking about. I had gone home, thinking everything over and decided to join the club.

The training methodology in Fitness Factory is completely different from the way I trained before. The training is performed with lighter weights and with more reps in specific ranges to stimulate the muscles and build up that muscle – brain connection, which is so important.

Compared to other gyms, you either train on your own or you are accompanied by a trainer whose knowledge and experience are very questionable. In other gyms focusing on personal training, they more focus on quick results mostly on losing weight within a short time and with primary focus on upper body. Learning proper technique and building muscles take time so if someone’s objective is to develop and maintain a nice and aesthetic body even after an injury then Fitness Factory is the club to join.

I think the biggest difference is that Joan, who is a nutrition specialist as well, really listened to me and came up with a very personalized nutrition plan that took what’s important for me into consideration including my special requests and eating habits. I didn’t have to give up everything since it is very important that the diet has to be sustainable.

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