Did You Know? 

You could be sabotaging your efforts with poor planning or lack of knowledge. There are may factors that affects your ability to gain muscle mass. 

Doing Too Much Cardio:
It is recommended to do 30-40 minutes of cardio vascular workouts. When you do more, you will be burning more calories than you should, impacting your gains. 

Overtraining, not enough rest:
Overtraining can consist of other physiological, emotional, environmental and chemical stressors. All of these stressors can cause fatigue and over stimulate your central nervous system, leading to decreased recovery and a negative hormonal response.

Using too much weight & bad form:
If you want to build muscle, you need to use a weight that is heavy enough to stimulate growth. It is important that you master a move with a lighter weight, then progress to a heavier weight when you’re ready. If you’re using bad form, momentum to lift the weight or feeling any pain beyond typical muscle soreness, the weight is too heavy and you risk getting hurt.

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