Do you feel that your metabolism goes into hibernation sometimes?

The key to a supercharged metabolism is stoking the metabolic engine with exercise, food and lifestyle habits that boost energy expenditure.

Metabolism, the process of converting food into fuel, is a complex interplay of hormones and enzymes that work in harmony 24/7 to produce the energy we need to function. The rate of calorie burn depends on static factors like age, gender and genetics and modifiable ones like lifestyle and body composition.

Unfortunately, our metabolism plummets 5% each decade after 40. Men burn more calories than women due to higher lean body mass. As we get older, it gets harder to shed off the fat.

To make the most of your calorie-burning capacity, include these metabolism-boosting strategies in your daily routine:

  • Exercise–build it up: Aerobic exercise encourages immediate calorie burning, but weight training builds long-term, calorie-demanding lean body mass. So pump up muscles and consider beta hydroxy beta methylbutyrate (HMB) to further enhance muscle mass (Wilson, Wilson & Manninen 2008).
  • Eat often: Small, frequent meals keep metabolism on track. Skipping meals or starvation diets only quash metabolism. So rev up your fuel burning with healthy meals throughout the day. Metabolism jumps a tick after eating because of the thermic effect of food, which keeps your metabolism buzzing (Van Baak 2008).
  • Sleep well: Sleep deprivation disrupts appetite hormones and slows metabolism. Strive for seven hours of shut-eye each night to preserve metabolic harmony (Shlisky et al. 2012).
  • Stand tall: Standing is be a great way to burn calories at the office. Executives can expend more energy by ditching the office chair and standing periodically through the day, just to ignite the core muscles and get your circulation up again.

A few small changes in your daily routine can help you conquer a sluggish metabolism and keep it humming.
*Reference: Rev Up Your Metabolism! by Martina M. Cartwright, PhD, RD on Mar 14, 2013  IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips March 2015.

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