Client Testimonial

Andy Wee

When looking for a gym to train in, I look for one that is closely aligned with my value system, and Fitness Factory’s vision “to ‘grow people into being their own personal champions” is aligned to my objective of being a better version of myself.

As one of the premier fitness gyms of Singapore, what also appeals to me is that Fitness Factory is the original personal-training only gym and the first no-membership exclusive gym.

What stood out for me, was that Fitness Factory is founded and helmed by Augustine Lee and Joan Liew, who are both established and renowned bodybuilders in the local and overseas fitness industry. With the knowledge that the other Personal Trainers in the Team are mentored by them, I was assured of their fitness knowledge and commitment.

My fitness objectives with Fitness Factory was achieved by a (i) Fully-customised personal training plan and (ii) Personal nutritional consultation with my Personal Trainer Joan Liew, supported by the other Personal Trainers (e.g. Shi Han, Hosea, David) and Admin Staff (e.g. Gordrick)

Kudos and Bravo Zulu to the Team in Fitness Factory, for making my fitness journey an enjoyable, achievable and sustainable experience.



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