Our lives are filled with decisions, and we make decisions every day, many of which are related to FOOD. Just as insignificant as one single choice may seem, when made over and over, it can have a major impact on your health and your life.

Our Fitness Tips & Articles covers the decisions that we all make every day, whether is it about food, nutrition or health. What does being fit means to you? Being free of health issues or diseases? Or having a lean muscular body, lots of energy to do your chores, or the ability to complete a 10-kilometer run or walk?

The term “fitness” is far broader and personal, and it refers to your own optimal health and well-being. So, fitness (or wellness) IS YOUR good health, at its very best.

sports pyramid

When you are fit you have:

  • Reduced risk of many health problems including serious ones such as diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis
  • Energy to do what is important to you
  • Stamina to handle mental challenges and emotional ups and downs daily, and to deal with stress
  • Physical strength for survival in case of an emergency
  • A better quality of life and the chance to look and feel your best.

You have heard of the term “nutrition” all your life, and the fitness-food connection is about how well you nourish your body with food, and being well-nourished depends on whether your body is getting enough nutrients. Of course, what matters most is to keep your own body within a healthy range.

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