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Amount of calories in typical Singapore breakfasts

1)  Nasi Lemak  – Calories 494 The rice is cooked with coconut milk and has a nice tantalizing smell. Nasi Lemak consists of rice, fried fish or chicken, anchovies with peanuts, and sambal, which is a chili paste. The traditional Nasi Lemak comes in a nicely packed banana leaf which apparently helps to preserve the […]

Mental Health Benefits From Resistance Training

We are all aware and familiar with the many health-related benefits of resistance training, including a lower risk of mortality, hypertension, cardiovascular conditions and having a better body composition. Besides these health benefits, research has shown that resistance training actually helps to improve mental health conditions in women and men. Our bottom line message for […]

The Importance of Breakfast

Eating breakfast gives you a mental advantage. When eating breakfast becomes part of your regimen, you start having ownership of it, become more consistent, and feel that you’re making a change for the better.  When you start off your day, your body needs fuel. Glycogen stores start to deplete. If you haven’t had any food, […]

Benefits of Stretching

As we age, muscles tighten and the range of motion in our joints can deteriorate. This can put a damper on individuals who lead active lifestyles and even hinder day-to-day, normal motions. Tasks that used to be simple, such as dressing up or climbing up the stairs, now become extremely difficult. A regular stretching program […]

Festive Calorie Balance

Eating healthy all the time during the festive period is highly unlikely.  However, if you use some of the tips in this article and make a few key food substitutions you can avoid piling on the Christmas pounds. 1) Roasted Ham (3oz): 250 Calories While ham may taste like salty goodness, there isn’t anything good […]


Beginning a workout fully hydrated can delay dehydration during exercise, maintain exercise performance and decrease the risk of heat-related illnesses. Pre-exercise fluid intake can enhance your ability to control body temperature and increase plasma volume to maintain cardiac output. You should drink enough fluids before exercising in the heat to begin every workout fully hydrated, […]

Office Stretches

More people now work in desk-bound office jobs than in more active and movable posts. Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause low back pain or worsen an existing back or neck problem. The main reason behind this is that sitting, in an office chair or in general, is […]

Running the Marathon this year end?

Conquering a 10 km event is something you can really be proud of. It takes real dedication to condition your body to keep going for an hour or more. With the upcoming annual Standard Chartered Marathon on 4th Dec 2011, let us look at the 10 km programme for beginner runners. We have developed a […]

Finding the right shoes for you

Every day we spend a certain amount of time walking around, whether we are working, taking MRT trains or buses. I believe everyone has experienced before what it feels like wearing a shoe that doesn’t fit you. Size is just one of the factors in choosing the right footwear. Another factor is choosing the right design […]

Frequent sitters have health risks

Couch potatoes beware: exercise may not be enough to overcome the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. Getting 4 or more hours a day of leisure TV time significantly raises the risk of mortality or coronary problems, according to the researchers from department of epidemiology and public health at University College London. After combining survey information […]

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