With aging, there will come with decline in strength, balance, and mobility. However, by including strength training and stretching into your routine will keep you strong, healthy and agile.

This week, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung announced that preventive care is often associated with clinical services, but “equally and maybe even more important” are the preventive activities such as diet, physical exercise and generally living an active lifestyle.

Age may just be a number, but some physical changes do occur as we get older — and these can affect our health. They include:

  • Decreased Range of Motion
  • Strength Loss
  • Decreased Balance

Consistent strength training should be a part of your weekly routine if you want to avoid age-related physical issues and preserve your strength, balance, and range of motion.

Strength training can benefit older adults by

  • Increasing Bone Density

When you strength train, you’re putting stress on your bones from the movement and force patterns, which leads bone-forming cells to jump to work. This creates bone that is stronger and denser

  • Increasing Muscle Mass

More muscle means more strength, better balance, and an increased metabolism. One study found that by implementing a training program, older adults were able to improve their muscle mass and muscle strength by 30%

  • Enabling Better Balance and functionality

Having strong muscles contributes to better daily function. After all, activities like sitting down in a chair, reaching up to get something from a shelf, or even tying your shoes all require balance, flexibility, and strength. And for older adults in particular, these benefits translate into a reduced risk of falls or other catastrophic injuries

  • Improving Body Composition

Maintaining muscle mass is important to decrease the chances of obesity, especially as we age

  • Improving Quality of Life

Older adults who participate in a regular resistance training routine often see improvements in their psychosocial well-being

Consistently strength training and stretching, even for short periods 3 times per week, can help tremendously in delaying or preventing many age-related ailments. Start slow and watch your strength, balance, and mobility improve.

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