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Have you been exercising independently but not seeing any results or perhaps you want to begin but are unsure of the best methods and exercises to use to achieve your fitness and health objectives? All you require is a personal trainer to lead and inspire you on your path. You’ll be more likely to notice results in a shorter amount of time if one trainer gives you their undivided attention. Check out the best personal training gym in town!

Our Personal Trainers

Our Personal Trainers are qualified to create an exercise plans that will enable you to achieve your goals! By understanding your lifestyle, medical conditions and activity levels, our Personal Trainers will work with you towards achieving your goals.

This includes a fitness assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This training regimens will also be safer and more effective for you! Worried that resistance training may be too tough for you? Rest assured. Our trainers will guide you through the exercise progressively according to your own fitness competency. That is what personal training is all about!

As Singapore’s leading personal training gym with the best personal trainers, we are great companions for your workout sessions! Having a personal trainer is quite similar to having a workout partner. Our trainers will motivate you, and push you towards your goals. They will also keep track of your progress and will make changes to your exercise program over time as you gain strength.

The Joan & Augustine Personal Strength Training System

Joan & Augustine - Founders of Fitness Factory Singapore and International Bodybuilding Champions

Developed by homegrown bodybuilding champions Joan Liew and Augustine Lee, this system is the most successful, efficient, and results-proven method of strength training available. A mind-muscle connection is vital for functionality and growth. This program helps you activate your own muscles effectively, and train it to co-contract with other muscle groups to achieve a balanced, healthy, well-conditioned body.

At Fitness Factory, you can expect expert advices during trainings from veteran bodybuilder Augustine Lee and nutrition tips from certified sports nutritionist & IFBB Pro athlete Joan Liew during your visits.

Ready to kickstart your health and fitness journey with us? Contact us to schedule a free consultation now!

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