A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy body. A person loses weight when they stop worrying about the scale, find an activity they enjoy, and see food as fuel instead of something that occupies their time.

The reason most people have difficulty losing weight is that they eat too many calories. In order to lose weight, you must consider how many calories you consume and how many calories you burn. Although it may seem easy, if you don’t keep track of your daily calories, you may be eating more than you realize. Your weight loss goals could be harmed if you consistently eat unhealthy food. Unless diet is adequately changed, exercise alone may not result in significant weight loss.

However, you can still treat yourself. Diets that are most effective when they have considerable variety and are balanced with the right amounts of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. 

Body fat and muscle content are not measured by the scale. Instead, it measures all the components of your body at once – fat, muscle, bone, and water. You might not lose weight (or you might even gain a little weight), but other measurements of your body will likely decrease, such as your waist circumference.

Therefore, when you see the scale increase, it doesn’t tell you the whole story. Most probably, you are losing fat and gaining muscle. To know exactly how much fat and muscle you have, have your body fat percentage measured by a trainer or do an in-depth body analysis.


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