The Importance of Breakfast

Eating breakfast gives you a mental advantage. When eating breakfast becomes part of your regimen, you start having ownership of it, become more consistent, and feel that you’re making a change for the better.  When you start off your day, your body needs fuel. Glycogen stores start to deplete. If you haven’t had any food, by lunch you’ll start to feel fatigued. You will also lose focus and concentration as well as the ability to think and problem-solve. Without eating breakfast, you’re more vulnerable to cravings and less likely to make healthy choices in the morning and throughout the day.

One study that tracked nearly 10,000 young people from adolescence into their twenties found that not only did skipping breakfast lead to being overweight, but people who missed out on their morning meal also increased their eating at fast food restaurants, and both unhealthy behaviors caused them to gain weight.

Recent research also suggests that there are advantages to both eating breakfast and choosing certain foods in particular. Studies have shown that kids do better in school when they’ve eaten a high-fiber, low glycemic index breakfast like oatmeal, rather than a sugary cereal. The same approach should work for adults who go to work early and have to make quick decisions.

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