It is OK to eatMeal skipping does not aid you in your quest for weight loss! Initially, you may lose some weight but your body catches on quickly by going into ‘starvation mode’. To compensate for the lack of energy intake, the body will decrease its basal metabolic rate; meaning that your ability to burn fat is decreased.

In addition, the body will opt to burn muscle instead of fat since muscles require calories to upkeep. Your muscle mass is the key to burning calories and a decrease would subsequently affect both your ability to burn fat and your body composition as well. Worst of all, upon resuming a regular diet, your weight will increase suddenly due to your decrease in muscle mass.

Skipping meals also makes you easily fatigued and sluggish throughout the day. With little energy intake, you are more likely to snack on food with high fat and/or sugar content! Hence, do not miss your meals and never replace a healthy, sensible diet with ‘starvation diets’!

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