Symptoms and Causes of Sarcopenia

Weakness and losing stamina are the most common symptoms of this condition, which can make physical activity difficult. You may also experience:

  • Difficulty performing daily tasks
  • Sluggish walking
  • Having difficulty climbing stairs
  • Instability and falling
  • Muscle mass decreases

What causes sarcopenia?

Sarcopenia is caused primarily by the natural aging process. Muscle mass and strength gradually decrease as you age, particularly in your 30s and 40s. This process is more pronounced between the ages of 65 and 80. Every decade, muscle loss can reach as much as 8% for individuals. Sarcopenia is associated with faster muscle loss than other forms of aging.

An increased rate of muscle loss is also associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The best way to prevent sarcopenia is to increase physical activity (PA) through exercise, and strength training is the best way to achieve this. 

Muscle fibres grow stronger when you perform strength training because tension causes growth signals to be sent from the brain to the muscles and this is referred to as the Mind-Muscle Connection. In addition, strength training increases the production of growth-promoting hormones.

 As a result of these signals, muscle cells create new proteins as well as the satellite cells that reinforce muscle tissue which also helps prevent muscles from deteriorating.

It has been suggested that there are other factors affecting sarcopenia’s development other than inactivity. Although sarcopenia mostly affects inactive people, it can also affect active people. The following are believed to be among them:

  • A reduction in nerve cells that communicate with the brain to initiate movement in muscles
  • A decrease in some hormones, such as growth hormone, testosterone, and insulin-like growth factor
  • An inability to convert protein into energy
  • Insufficient calories or protein to maintain muscle mass daily

Can sarcopenia be reversed? Find out in our upcoming article.


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