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The #1 Advanced Training Accessory worldwide, now available in Singapore!

Our Versa Gripps Pro are used by athletes, celebrities, and professional sports teams all over the world.

MADE IN THE USA. Authentic, Original, Self-Supporting Versa Gripps alleviate grip fatigue and enhance muscle isolation in pulling & pushing exercises for maximum muscle gains.

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The #1 Advanced Training Accessory worldwide, now available in Singapore!

Made in the USA, the original Versa Gripps allows you to train better and effectively moving you to the next level of performance excellence. This self-supporting grip assist is ingeniously designed to enhance muscle isolation and optimize performance. No more loose straps hanging around!

You can simply wrap the strap of Versa Gripps around the bar with just one hand, even for over-head exercises.

Specially developed to support even your most gruelling training demands. Versa Gripps can be used for both pulling and pushing exercises, and are proven to endure even the toughest of workouts. The perfect choice for the serious lifter.

“A built-in arch support offers added protection with the gripping portion protecting the hand from calluses. Pro Versa Gripps eliminate the need for gloves, lifting straps, wrist supports & hooks ALL IN ONE. Experience an enhanced mind-muscle connection. Pro Versa Gripps Empower All Athletes to Train Better.” ~ Versa Gripps



  • X-Small: 5″ – 6”
  • Small: 6-1/8″ – 7”
  • Reg/Large: 7-1/8″ – 8”
  • Extra Large: 8″+

One size does not fit all. Determining the correct size is very important for the performance of your Versa Gripps. To determine your size, please wrap a measuring tape all the way around your wrist DIRECTLY OVER YOUR WRIST BONE. The size of Versa Gripps is not determined by your hand size, but by your wrist circumference. Versa Gripps are designed to fit comfortably (but not too tight!) around the base of the athlete’s hand. They are meant to slide up and rest against the base of the hand on pulling exercises. With a proper fit, the user should be easily able to rotate the grips around to the back of the hands when they are not in use. If you are in between sizes, it is better to choose the smaller size to ensure a proper fit.

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29 reviews for VERSA GRIPPS ® PRO

  1. Neesa Abdullah

    Versa grips improve my grip tremendously. My grip is so much more firm and I'm able to focus on the exercise without worrying about loosing my grip during workout. Highly recommend this great accessory.

  2. Neesa

    Versa grips allows me to focus on the exercise proper as every grip is firm and secure.

  3. JD

    Versa Gripps have made lifting with sweaty hands so much easier and fuss-free. Highly recommend it!

  4. jason wang

    the versa gripps is helping me to concentrate more on my target muscles, so I no need to focus on my grip of the handle or bar. worth to buy

  5. Reeta Sabnani

    I love my Versa Gripps. They allow me to focus on my grip, thus ensuring that my exercises are done in the right form, safely. I love the color too - neon orange and black! Pretty fierce!!

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