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Defying the odds, overcoming obstacles – these are achievements that Augustine Lee is completely at home with. In fact, they’re feats that he has been remarkably successful at for the most part of his professional career — as Asian bodybuilding champion, coach, speaker, judge, gym manager and gym owner.


Starting in his 30’s when most professional athletes are just about to wind down, Augustine has been picking up accolades on the international stage at a punishing pace. Amongst these are a bronze at the Arnold’s Amateur Men’s Masters 2013 and a gold at the LA Championship Men’s Masters 2012 held in the USA.


Augustine’s credentials are also impeccable. He is not just the owner of Fitness Factory, but also a certified fitness leader at the University of Western Australia. Not merely a certified coach at the Asian Bodybuilding Federation, but also a certified trainer of special populations at the American Fitness Professionals and Associates.


“Society likes to tell you that you are over the hill once you reach a certain age. But I enjoy challenging people to reject this negative message. You can still have a lot of fire in you when you’re in your 40s.” – Augustine Lee


A modern woman in every sense of the word… that’s how one would describe Asian bodybuilding champion Joan Liew. Armed with personal credentials in both fitness and nutrition, Joan has excelled time and again throughout her competitive career as well as established a solid reputation in her 22 years of professional and business life.


Amongst the numerous accolades she has collected is her coveted gold medal in the Women’s Physique category at the prestigious USA Arnold Amateur in 2014.


And besides running Fitness Factory, Joan provides fitness and nutritional advice to various publications. She is also an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic as well as an examiner for ISSN Sport Nutrition Specialist and FISAF Personal Trainer Certification Courses.


“Beauty isn’t just what’s outside – it radiates from within. Women today face a lot of demands and for us to cope, we need to be fit. We need to be sensitive to what our bodies are telling us and design our fitness routines accordingly.” – Joan Liew


Ever-enthusiastic and encouraging, Jacob disarms you with his easy-going nature even when putting you through the most grueling of routines.


His interest in fitness began with a strong desire to improve his personal physical fitness and appearance when he joined the army after graduation. Since he hit the gym, Jacob never looked back.


As someone who believes in walking the talk, Jacob often uses himself as a living test bed for various exercise techniques before instructing the clients. The results are usually nothing short of surprising when they realize they have gone further than they might have imagined.


“Fitness is not about competing oneself with others. Its about becoming a healthier version of yourself than before.” – Jacob Toh


Kind, cheerful and always positive, Jessika started of as a dancer and instructor. She found fitness and resistance training as not only a way to improve her dancing, but also her body image and confidence.


Her witty sense of humor and effervescent personality lifts the mood of not only her colleagues but also the clients she trains, while helping them lead healthy lifestyles and learn proper techniques in exercise. She thus helps shift her clients’ mindsets to see training sessions as an hour of fun and not something to dread going to.


“Fitness is a never-ending process, and progress is what keeps it from becoming m onotonous.”– Jessika


An easygoing and soft-spoken individual, Azri was an avid basketball player in his early youth. His desire to get bigger, stronger and more adept in the sport led him to resistance training.


Azri feels that through fitness, people are able to become the best versions of themselves and wanting to help them do so resulted in his decision to become a trainer. While teaching clients proper technique for the best muscle engagement, he also helps them release tense muscles and aids in recovery through Restorative Stretch Therapy.


“Fitness brings you go explore places, because your body is ready for the challenges.” – Azri

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