I have been training with Kiro and Nathaniel at Fitness Factory for the last 12 months and counting. As a keen fitness person across a variety of sports, I have been training with personal trainers for over 15 years across 3 different countries.

Being a busy executive that travels frequently trying to keep up discipline and consistency training is very difficult, but instead of looking for excuses not to go to training, I look forward to every session. I have some quite serious prior injuries so it’s vital that I have a trainer that I trust, and one that knows how to assist me in managing these injuries, and actually lessen their impact on my daily life by building strength around these areas.

At Fitness Factory, without doubt, I have the best and most disciplined trainers I have had the chance to work with. The impact that they have had on me has allowed me to achieve personal goals and improve my everyday health. I am no longer in pain from legacy injuries, I am lifting more and achieving goals that I have not done for over 12 years, I sleep better, I am far more productive in my work and I understand my body and nutrition better and better. I have personally recommended Fitness Factory to many of my friends and work clients.

Tom O’Reilly
Singapore Tenancy Management Group Pte Ltd

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