My experience of the Fitness Factory is best be summed up by the sheer joy I had buying a new downsized wardrobe – down from XL to L and right where I should be.

First of all let me say, as a non-gym aficionado, a full service facility like the Fitness Factory was never on my radar screen. I initially called in because they were close to home, but after a consultation with Wee Yang I decided to give them a go. This turned out to be a very good decision and while at first, I felt intimidated by the general passion for fitness, I never once have been made to feel inadequate or out of place.

If you seriously want to loose weight, make every exercise truly count and get fit, then you seriously need to join the Fitness Factory. Other gyms maybe cheaper and may require less commitment, but if it’s results you are looking for, then you there is no other choice in Singapore. Feeling great about how you look is money well spent. Do it today!

Tim Young
Marketing Executive
IBM Netezza

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