I would like to express my gratitude to Fitness Factory for helping me achieve my fitness goals. When I first started my training, I only weighed 56 kg and had problems with passing some stations of the IPPT. After receiving the training, I noticed an improvement in my physique, as well as an increase in my weight (currently 65 kg), which is a big deal to me because as an ectomorph, I find it very difficult to gain weight. Besides form, functional improvements are also observed.

I am now able to endure and almost got Gold for my IPPT (just one point short). The training programme definitely helps. What impresses me more is the level of professionalism shown by the trainers, who will adjust the training programme as my needs evolve. They are very encouraging and really care about me achieving my fitness goals. Most importantly, they do not hard-sell (unlike some mega-gym which I had been to, which kept pressuring me to buy more packages and may not recommend an appropriate package for me, as I think their KPI is sales, not client’s fitness goals).

Thus, I can foresee myself continuing to enlist the help of Fitness Factory in achieving my fitness goals. Perhaps the greatest benefit that I had acquired is the belief that it is actually possible to achieve the goals that I want. Moving forward, I have since set even higher goals and hope to improve my physique even more.

Goh Shu Liang
Math Teacher
NUS High School of Math and Science

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