When I first came to hear about personal training, I was skeptical as there is only so much that a gym can do, as I have been a member of several by name gyms over the years.  I consulted Augustine at Fitness Factory and he explained to me what I can expect if I train with them. I liked the way he explained and he did not attempt to pressure me into signing any program- he simply presented the facts and I was comfortable with it so I decided to engage them.

Since that day I never looked back. Augustine and his team constantly keep me motivated to work hard at the gym. I also worked with Joan on my nutrition plans which helped me tremendously to change my eating habits for the better. As a result, I feel much better physically and mentally, with a significant improvement in my energy levels and mental focus and that helped me in my work too. I also appreciate the fact that they are always happy to accommodate my busy work schedule.

The gym at Fitness Factory is very well maintained, equipment and facilities are very clean and people are all friendly. I will definitely recommend Fitness Factory to friends who are looking for a program that can help achieve their personal fitness goals or are simply looking for a comfortable gym they can settle in to maintain a regular fitness regime.

Best regards

S. Kesavan

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