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Do you have a passion for the business of fitness and the drive to run your own business? Here is a unique opportunity to buy into Fitness Factory’s established brand to kick start your business. 

Fitness Factory is widely considered as one of the most authentic and established brands in the fitness industry. Founded by pioneers in the industry, we ensure the highest quality standards by providing full training and support to all our franchisees. The key strengths of partnering with Fitness Factory include: 

  • Our unique training pedagogy (for gym business) 
  • Ensuring that trainers are provided with full training (for gym business) 
  • Strong and consistent branding 
  • Well-established operational systems and guidelines 
  • Comprehensive support from HQ in terms of legal, operations, training and marketing 
  • Quality control maintained through regular visits and checks made by HQ 

 We want entrepreneurs who are willing to get involved in every aspect of the business and are in for the long run. Most importantly, we are looking for people who want to grow a business based on mutual trust and respect. 

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Interested to learn from the pioneers of the industry, Joan and Augustine, and to be trained and certified by them?  

Explore licensing with us, be it for existing gym businesses who desire to upskill their existing team of fitness trainers to raise the overall level of professionalism, or individuals who want to start a career in fitness. 

The Joan & Augustine Personal Strength Training Program ®

Developed by World Class Fitness Champions – Augustine Lee and Joan Liew – this program is the most successful, efficient, and results-proven method of strength training available.

A mind-muscle connection is vital for functionality and growth. This program helps you to activate your own muscles effectively, training them to co-contract with other muscle groups to achieve a balanced, healthy, well-conditioned body.



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