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Fitness Factory is widely considered as one of the most authentic and established brands in the fitness industry. Founded by pioneers in the industry, the Fitness Factory Franchise business is the most progressive and competitive fitness business model.

What makes Fitness Factory franchise attractive?

  • Recognized Brand
  • Proven Business Model
  • Growing industry
  • Wide Target Audience
  • Affordable Investment
  • Experienced Management Team

Support Package

  • Gym set-up consultancy
  • Structured Training and Certification of Fitness Trainers
  • Tailored Customer Management System
  • Continuous Training and Upskilling
  • Operation/Training Guidelines and Manuals

Franchise Application Process

The entire application process (i.e. from the Initial Contact to the Franchise Agreement) should take approximately six months.

  1. Initial Contact
  2. Evaluation and Review
  3. Documentation
  4. Project Execution

Frequently asked Questions

Do I need prior business experience in order to open a Fitness Factory franchise?
Business experience is an advantage but not a requirement. Fitness Factory franchise system provides you with the training, tools and support necessary to efficiently and effectively operate Fitness Factory franchise.

What is the minimum space required?
A space from 2500-4000 sq ft is good to start.

How much will I generate from this franchise?
The profitability will vary, based on factors such as turnover, location, market demands, operational expenses and other business costs.

How much capital do I need to invest?
The total capital depends on the location, size, rental, renovation costs and number of equipment.

What is the Franchise Fee and Royalty rate?
To be Advised.

Is there help to assist me to setup a Fitness Factory?
Joan and Augustine PRO provides professional consulting services to support you setup a Fitness Factory and advise on what is required.

How much training will I receive?
Each Franchisee will receive a structured comprehensive training package by Joan and Augustine PRO to establish itself in the fitness industry. Fitness Trainers will receive training through Joan & Augustine Personal Strength Training Program® and be certified by Joan & Augustine PRO Academy.

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Interested to learn from the pioneers of the industry, Joan & Augustine, and be trained and certified by them?

Explore licensing with us, be it for aspiring individuals who want to start a career in fitness or aspiring to start a gym business but have no clue how to set up.

Joan & Augustine Personal Strength Training Program®

The Joan & Augustine Personal Strength Training Program® is a structured and highly effective strength training program developed by World Body Building Champions – Augustine Lee and Joan Liew. The Joan & Augustine Personal Strength Training Program® comprises of Essential Course that provides a structured, systematic training program using proven methodology as well as Advanced Program that are targeted and specialised programs.

Joan & Augustine PRO

Tapping on Fitness Factory’s deep knowledge and expertise in nutrition and fitness, the Joan and Augustine PRO provide professional consulting services to gyms and fitness companies, advising them on areas such as gym management and breaking into the fitness industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why license from Joan & Augustine PRO?
Established in 2005 and led by world class athletes and entrepreneurs, Joan & Augustine has a wealth of experience in managing and operating gym. Being the first mover in the industry, Joan & Augustine PRO understands what it takes to break into the fitness industry, stand out and compete in the competitive industry.
Hence, licensee will be able to tap on Joan & Augustine PRO’s expertise to successfully operate and set up a fitness gym.

How will I benefit from the Joan & Augustine Personal Strength Training Program?
In addition to being equipped with the knowledge and expertise, you will be able to leverage “Joan & Augustine PRO” brand to instill client’s confidence and assurance that the gym provides a safe and fully equipped environment.

How much is the licensing fee?

Licensing Application Process

The entire application process (i.e. from the Initial Contact to the Licensing Agreement) should take approximately four months.

  1. Initial Contact
  2. Evaluation
  3. Legal Documentation
  4. Project Execution and Licensee training

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