1. What was your goal when joining Fitness Factory?

My goal was to become stronger.


2. What were some of the changes you have experienced since you have started personal training?

Physically I am more toned and I am stronger. Resistance training has deepened my understanding of my mind and body connection, which in turn promotes a sense of focus during training as well. Working out at Fitness Factory is a great way for me to decompressed from hectic work life. I feel more energized after each workout.


3. How did you feel your training helped you in your mountain trekking?

My right knee has been giving me problems for a while in the past. I had my workout customized for myself and ever since, it has helped me tremendously to strengthen my joints and stabilized my core. Strength and endurance aside, I have also improved on my sense of balance. All these factors are important for mountain climbing.


4. What were some of the training exercises that has the most impact on improvement in your performance and even daily activities?

I love to run, and training has allowed me to continue running regularly because the workout has strengthened my legs and reduced my knee pain.  Being a frequent traveler, I feel that I have less aches and pains after a long flight as well.


5. How important is resistance training to you?

It is my life style now. I can’t live without it!


6. How is training at Fitness Factory different from other gyms?

Dedication and personalization. It is bespoke.


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