I must have joined about 5 gyms on several occasions in the past 15 years.  Always with great intentions and enthusiasm, confident that this time I will manage to keep going.  As always, 8 weeks later (and
usually some pulled muscles later as well) I find excuses not to go anymore.

Joining Fitness Factory has changed that; 3 months on and still enjoying each session, even looking forward to my next one.  Augustine has played a key role in that.  His dedication, attention to detail and knowledge is a great driving force, and I don’t only feel (and look) fitter, but I also learn a lot about my own body.  And the fact that all of it is done in a relaxed and fun atmosphere makes it even
more enjoyable and takes some of the pain away…

A big thank you to Augustine and the team at Fitness Factory!

Oscar Postma
Hotel Manager

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