Mike Powell

In February 2006, and quite unexpectedly, I was diagnosed with a serious illness and needed to undergo major abdominal and hepatic surgery.

After the post-operative rehabilitation process, my weight spiraled to a whopping 109 kg by August 2008.

I started training with Augustine in August 2008. After less than 5 months, I have lost 13 kg, have significantly increased muscle tone, reduced my waist measurement by 4 inches and I am feeling those energy levels of yester year returning.

Why did I choose the Fitness Factory? Having been a member of a number of gyms around the world and engaged in Personal training services in the past, the standard of training at Fitness Factory is second to none and characterized by the fact that:

The training is specific and realistic and tailored to what I want to achieve, and not restrained by what the trainer knows.

The training is challenging and my program monitored and evaluated every session. Augustine is always springing a few new surprises on me. Constant feedback and instruction is given to ensure the risks of injury are eliminated.

The training plans and goals are challenging, recognizing that being healthy is a way of life, yet at the same time equally recognizing the need to balance the pressures of a modern working life and the hectic work life and necessary socializing that is all a part of it.

The gym is modern, niche, clean and well maintained and totally free of the intimidating environment that scares so many people off getting started.

Mike Powell
Vice President Global Services
Cable & Wireless

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