My journey with “Fitness Factory” started nearly 3 years ago and I have not looked back or regretted since.

I have been training with Paul since my fitness journey started. He pushes me forward and sometimes beyond what I think is my limit. Or so I thought until I realised I could go further. Paul understands me better than myself at what I can do in the gym and he makes sure that I push and give it my best. Of course there were days when i feel like giving up. Paul is there to encourage me and nudge me on. He teaches me the right technique for each exercise as well as the correct posture so that I can get the most out of each rep and will not injured myself during training. He understands which aspects of my muscle group need to be strengthen more than the others and he trains them harder. Paul is a good trainer who understands me to prescribe the correct training and make me a stronger and more confident individual.

Over the years I have seen myself growing fitter. Where I once could not even bench press the bar without any weights on, I can now comfortably bench press with weights. This journey has not been an easy one and is only the start of more to come. But I am confident that with the guidance of Joan and Augustine and the constant encouragement from Paul, I will be able to go far and beyond.

Martin Low
Private Tutor/Self Employed

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