My work requires me to travel more than 200 nights per year. I have been training intermittently for the last 3 years whenever I could. I also tried a number of other alternatives like Yoga and Pilates, but I just did not enjoy it as much as training with the guys at Fitness Factory.

This year, I was determined to take my commitment to training up a couple of notches. Those who know me will attest that I do not have a single sporty-coordinated bone in my body. So, who and why would anyone want to take up this challenge?

Paul (aka Cookie Monster) and Kelvin (aka Dr Evil) have worked tirelessly with me this year to completely revamp my training (always with a lot of laughs) to improve my cardio, strength and coordination. Don’t get me wrong, these sessions are tough (hence the nicknames) but they make it enjoyable and are always so encouraging, especially when they see our combined efforts making a difference, making me want to push myself even more.

What really sets these guys apart is that they are very practical in their approach and make a real effort to understand what life on the road looks like. This is where Rozy comes in. She seems to know my travel schedule better than I do. Before I come back from traveling I will already have training appointments made. These guys are really role models, they train hard but also enjoy good food (how the other nickname evolved) and indulge in ‘cheat days’ every now and then.

I am seeing and feeling a big difference in my physique and overall wellbeing after five months and this has motivated me to make lasting lifestyle adjustments.

Thank you Guys!


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