I first went to Fitness Factory with the hope to strengthen my overall fitness so that I can do more in my fitness activities. And when it comes to that, there is really no better place to learn all about fitness and nutrition than Fitness Factory.

Working out in a gym with Joan and Augustine is a constant reminder of the hard work and commitment we each have to put into ourselves to achieve our goals. I trust their expertise and followed the nutrition program, which Joan designs for me regularly as my training progresses, to sustain my fitness lifestyle. Combining strength training, nutrition and my training program (Swim, Bike, Run), I was able to achieve my goal of completing a triathlon race with a whole lot of gratitude.

With plans to join more races and the commitment to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle, Fitness Factory will continue to be the place I train to achieve my fitness goals.

Thank you Fitness Factory for your relentless support right from the beginning!

Hazel Han
Civil Servant

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