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The Professional Choice That Delivers Results

Developed by World Class Fitness Champions – Augustine Lee and Joan Liew – this program is the most successful, efficient, and results-proven method of strength training available.

A mind-muscle connection is vital for functionality and growth. This program helps you to activate your own muscles effectively, and train it to co-contract with other muscle groups to achieve a balanced, healthy, well-conditioned body.

Helmed by Augustine Lee and Joan Liew, Fitness Factory is a powerhouse of unparalleled fitness expertise. Established pioneers in the fitness industry, Augustine and Joan bring specialist wisdom from over 20 years of winning international bodybuilding championships and over 12 years of designing fitness solutions with their successful boutique gym Fitness Factory.  

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With the fitness industry booming in the region, Joan & Augustine’s fitness expertise fills a crucial gap in the market, with its emphasis on advancing the fitness industry through professional hands-on training, applied fitness education and gym consultancy.  

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Every athlete aspires to be the best, and each deserves high quality professional training advice from experts. 

With more than 20 years of experience in training athletes from various sports, and having competing at the international arena of athletic performance as well as, we can bring out the Champion in you. Our proven methodology will empower and transform the performance of athletes. 

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Fitness Factory believes in preventive healthcare and offers interactive talks on fitness, health and nutrition. Our talks are designed to inform and educate employees on healthy living, disease prevention, how to exercise right and staying positive.  

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