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Having pioneered one-to-one personal training in Singapore since the 1990s, “Joan & Augustine” are still cited as the “go-to names” within the industry till today.

Set out with a vision to ‘transform people into being their own personal champions’, we are not about the latest fads and trends, but proven training methodology where our clients’ health and fitness are always our top priority.

Fitness Factory premiers as the original no-membership personal training gyms in Singapore since 2005.

The Experts

Helmed by Augustine Lee and Joan Liew, Fitness Factory is a powerhouse of unparalleled fitness expertise. Established pioneers in the fitness industry, Augustine and Joan bring specialist wisdom from over 50 cumulative years of winning international bodybuilding championships and designing fitness solutions with their successful boutique gym Fitness Factory.

Developed by World Class Fitness Champions – Augustine Lee and Joan Liew – this program is the most successful, efficient, and results-proven method of strength training available.

A mind-muscle connection is vital for functionality and growth. This program helps you to activate your own muscles effectively, and train it to co-contract with other muscle groups to achieve a balanced, healthy, well-conditioned body.

The Fitness Factory Franchise business represents the most progressive and competitive fitness model in the industry, one created by a management team that has more than 50 years of cumulative experience.
Led by a world class athletes and entrepreneurs, Joan Liew and Augustine Lee, our team of fitness professionals will provide the operational support, guidance and troubleshooting you need to remain successful in the constantly changing  fitness market.

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