FFC Outdoors and Virtual Personal Training (VPT)

FAQ Section for FFC Outdoors

Where will the training be held?
FFC Outdoors training will be conducted across Fitness Factory, next to the Parliament House (refer to the image for reference below)

How will the training be conducted?
1 on 1 personal training sessions will be be conducted, but at an outdoors environment. Workout will be curated by our trainers based on individuals’ fitness level. Required equipment will be provided at the designated location.

What do I need to bring?
You will need to bring your own towel if you’re intending to take a shower after the session. Do bring along a water bottle and an extra mask to be changed after the sessions. Refrain from bringing your valuables when you attend the sessions unless you were to place it in the gym’s locker before the session.

Will there be towels provided? How about shower facilities?
Yes, the gym’s shower facilities, toilet and lockers are still open. Please inform us prior to your session if you need to use the facilities so we can arrange accordingly to ensure the safe distancing guidelines are adhered to.

What are the time-slots available?
The time-slots available for FFC Outdoors are:
Mon-Sun: 7am – 10am (9am last slot) and 5pm – 8pm (7pm last slot).

Are these programs open for everyone to join?
Yes, we welcome anyone to join us! For new sign-ups, we will do a consultation, body analyse and pre-workout form to understand your fitness level. This way we can better serve you with the right trainer and appropriate workout plans.

FAQ Section for Virtual Personal Training (VPT)

How will the training be conducted?
VPT is a 1 to 1 personal training session over on ZOOM. Trainer will curate the workout session with you according to client’s equipment availability at home.

What do I need to prepare for the session?
Do prepare all necessary equipment (if any) and a fully charged device prior to the session.

How do I make appointment?
VPT is flexible and can be arranged over on WhatsApp with our trainers.

– last updated 21 July 2021

WhatsApp Us @ 8139 5081 to make booking or for other enquiry.