First let me start off by saying that I will probably never train in another gym or with another trainer again, I have truly been spoilt at Fitness Factory and for this, I am truly grateful. I have worked out in many a gym before heading to Fitness Factory but have never engaged the services of a PT because I never really found anyone that I considered dedicated or qualified enough.

I have worked with Kiro for almost 2 years now and find him both very knowledgeable and observant. He knows when to push me and when to cut me some slack. With his help, I have grown from strength to strength. When I used to train on my own, I would often hit a stagnant period with little or no improvement after a certain point. I am happy to say that my progress at Fitness Factory has been very constant without the dreaded plateau. Rozy is also a whiz at scheduling and has been extremely helpful and always manages to find me a slot. She is a true asset to the organization. Both Augustine and Joan are very dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding. This dedication and discipline is clearly reflected in the way they manage the gym. This in turn has rubbed off on the trainers and it provides for a very conducive and productive environment to get in shape.I would not hesitate to recommend Fitness Factory to anyone looking to make progress with their personal fitness goals. I look forward to working out at Fitness Factory for as long as I am able. Happy 8th Anniversary guys!! Cheers.

Eugene Christopher Soon
Group Director
HSR International Realtors

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