With a few marathons and triathlons under my belt as an amateur, I thought I’d reached all my goals of simply finishing endurance races. I came to Moses and the Fitness Factory team just to improve on general fitness but no, that wasn’t enough for them.

Barely two months into my sessions, I set a personal best in the swim leg of my next race, shaving more than a minute off. A month later, I placed 12th out of 538 runners in the women’s open category of my very first 15km race, when I had never broken out of the mid-30s before. I’ve never felt as athletic and agile playing softball and tennis as I do now. And when I feel like giving up, I just have to think – I went from 100 leg raises each session to 300. If that sounds like an impossible number, no fear – these guys will get you there, and wherever you want to be.

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