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Joan and Augustine are known to offer tailored solutions to all its clients, from large commercial gym chains to boutique gyms alike. 

To us, technical excellence does not just mean high quality services: it also means mastering all aspects of the fitness industry and constantly wanting to exceed current standards. 

Win Clients, Grow Your Business: 

  • We consult on member management and help gyms personalize the client experience for long-term business benefits.
  • We coach fitness professionals in a wide range of specializations which gyms would like to offer.
  • We train fitness professionals to develop a client-centric approach to actively listen to client’s needs, lifestyle and goals.
  • We coach gyms on how to tailor fitness programs that are safe, fun and deliver sustainable results.
  • When clients experience the expert training and how it adds value to their lives and delivers results they want, the gym will retain a loyal client base and attract new clients.
  • We consult on equipment selection, gym layout and enhancement to operational systems.
  • We provide training and certification for fitness professionals in nutrition and fitness, with continuous education to be customized according to the gym’s needs.
  • This helps grow the business as clients will invite their friends to join the gym


For performance athletes, they need more than just technical skills for their sport. Our programs aim to improve sport performance, starting with training the central nervous system to react better for better motor control.  Each program is based upon the athlete’s needs and the ability to maintain their peak performance in the sport, in the moment.   

We work to improve the movements with a complete strength and conditioning training program, and enhance the energy systems used in their sport with a nutrition plan to keep an athlete at their peak performance. 


When you want a fast and easy way to educate your employees about healthy lifestyles, our seminars are a great option. We offer a variety of one-hour seminars on topics that include physical activity programs, nutrition, weight management, self care and health care consumerism and injury prevention.  

Our Corporate Wellness health talk program is an interactive, guaranteed non-boring, informative way for your employees to learn and maintain a healthy, physical and mental body. We supply top-of-the-line interactive health talks on today’s current health topics. 


Maria Lau

To summarise, between August through May 2019, I’ve gained 3kg skeletal muscle mass and lost 7.4% body fat. I’ve also lost 3cm around my waist and visually, my co-workers and closed ones could see that my upper body is more upright and my glutes are rounder. Lastly, the happiest change in my body is that now, I’m 100% confident to squat and do lunges as my knees do not feel the pain anymore!


Erfan Pratt (Spartan Race Competitor)

Age: 14 (2019)

Working out at Fitness Factory helped me finish the race strong in many ways. Mainly improving my physique overall and the encouragement from the trainers working at Fitness Factory.” Erfan (2019)


The Spartan Trifecta Medal. Awarded for completing all 3 Spartan Races in a year.


Clarissa - Biathlon

I have been a sports enthusiast all my life and was in competitive swimming and badminton since young. I picked up long-distance running in my mid 20’s and participated in many endurance races including biathlons and long-distance swimming and running.  

Jojo Lim - Fitness Superstar 2018

My name is Jojo and a mother of two wonderful children. 

I have always enjoyed exercising and training, and I like to challenge myself and see how far I can go. Then came an opportunity for me to compete on stage, at the Fitness Superstar 2018.

Ben Xiao - Men’s Physique

I’ve been interested in fitness for most of my life, but I’ve never experienced such high level of expertise until I started training at Fitness Factory. I’ve trained exclusively with Joan and Augustine for the last four years.  


Ruziela Eriksen - Women’s Bikini

Fitness Factory is where I started my competitive journey, with Augustine and Joan helping me with my first competition. I learnt more about proper training techniques, nutrition and posing from them.

Anoushka Gopaldas - Swimming

After injuring my shoulder in a swimming competition, I did some physiotherapy but it did not fully recover. This really dented my confidence and forced me to stay away from competing for some time.

Sharon Tan

I’m Sharon Tan, a 43-yr-old mother of a 7 year old boy. I am also holding a full time job as a finance director of a film and animation production company.  

My dream was to compete on stage someday, and the dream came true recently at the Fitness Superstar 2018 held in Singapore.

Alyssa Saw

Having sustained extensive back injuries in the past, I needed a safe way for me get fit and healthy and Fitness Factory helped me do that. With individual trainers and personalised training regimes, it provides me with comprehensive training whilst taking into consideration my many injuries. 

Jinwen Xiong

I used to believe coaching was unnecessary. Yet after several months training in Fitness Factory, I felt a huge difference even with my 4 years of bodybuilding experience. Augustine’s attention to detail made training techniques highly personalized, always giving me a tough workout while avoiding any injuries. 

Sari Marsden

I am a certified personal trainer myself and so I am no stranger to gym workouts and strength training. However, when I decided to compete in a bodybuilding event in 2011, I needed an experienced trainer to help me achieve my goals. That’s why I joined Fitness Factory and I was not disappointed! 

Sharon Lim

Joan and I have been training together for a number of years. In the initial years, I found that my strength and endurance both improved.

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