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Exercise is a lifestyle!

It is not unusual for a beginner to pick up a fitness programme and quit shortly after from being unable to tolerate the soreness and ache that develops after. The soreness that comes with training is perfectly normal and your body will need some time to adapt to the...

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Lift weights for HEALTH!

Everyone knows that weight training increases strength lean muscle mass, but here are some other interesting benefits that regular gym training will offer too: Weight training reduces blood-glucose levels, body weight and improves insulin sensitivity. These factors...

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It is OK to eat

Meal skipping does not aid you in your quest for weight loss! Initially, you may lose some weight but your body catches on quickly by going into ‘starvation mode’. To compensate for the lack of energy intake, the body will decrease its basal metabolic rate; meaning...

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A Calorie is NOT just a calorie!

If you are mindful about the calories you consume daly, you will be interested to know that a calorie is not just a calorie. In fact, calories from different sources have differing nutritional value. For example, a gram of alcohol has 7 kcal but it is considered an...

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