When I joined Fitness Factory, it was the first time I had ever set foot in a gym. Beyond evening walks, I had never exercised or participated in any physical activity. I was apprehensive, particularly in the first six weeks of my programme as I was overwhelmed and  was often sore from this very new undertaking. But because my trainers Joan and Vincent are such great cheerleaders and constantly update my workouts so I could see progress in my fitness level, I persevered without getting bored.

Today, I’m very pleased to have achieved my goal of slimming down (6kg) and toning up, and with the customised programme developed for me, I now feel much more energetic and perform physical activities with better stamina and ease, while gaining valuable knowledge about nutrition. Also, my trainers have helped me correct physical flaws and discomfort such as a shoulder ache and posture – I’m always impressed by how much pride they take in their work. My personal determination and interest in fitness make a great team with Joan and Vincent, and I look forward achieving and maintaining great health and fitness!

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