I hate exercise of any kind. But increasing weight, diminishing energy and lower back pain made me realise I needed to get my act together if I wanted to continue enjoying doing the things I enjoyed doing.

Call it serendipity. Exactly around that time, I happened upon an article in The Straits Times, featuring Joan, talking about fitness. On an impulse, I emailed her.

Since that email in February 2006, I have been working out twice a week with Joan. Based on the recommendations of a doctor, she has created an exercise regime addressing my lower back problems and focused on strengthening core muscles.

Joan’s personalised programme incorporates my goals and limitations. It is tough, but do-able and she has helped me remain motivated with her good humour, unrelenting focus and quiet determination.

I have discovered that I can commit to doing something I essentially loathe. As a result of my sessions with Joan, I have lost weight, my body is more toned, I am playing squash and my energy levels are what I remember them to be. In addition to all this, Joan gives me sound advice on food, diets (fads and otherwise) and supplementary exercise outside the gym.

Joan is an inspiration – contained, all muscle, all together, every movement fluid and completely controlled. Her discipline and professionalism demand that you do your bit. Most of all, she is a lot of fun.

Anita Thomas

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