As a child, Paul was intrigued by the anatomy of a dead frog he saw. Fascinated by the correlation of muscles and movement, it sparked an insatiable interest in the study of the human body.

Form and function were both explored in the course of his early professional life as a physiotherapist, feeding his passion to observe how the limits of the human physique could be stretched.

With his attention now turned fully to the art and science of personal training, Paul is able to freely indulge his geeky obsession in crafting personalized fitness programs that produce maximum benefits for all his trainees.

“Be responsible for how you live your life today, doing everything that you know to be right.
Then do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”
– Paul Edward Miranda


  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy – San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation Inc, Philippines
  • Certified Physical Therapist – Philippines Regulatory Commission
  • Certified Physiotherapist – St. Peregrine Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, Philippines
  • Certified Fitness Instructor – Fitness First Alabang Club, Philippines
  • Physiotherapist Lecturer – San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation Inc, Philippines

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Simply visit us at our central location in the heart of the city. You will find a safe and cosy environment for exercising in complete comfort and privacy.

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Fitness Factory 82 Boat Quay, #03-01 Singapore 049870 (facing Parliament House, just by South Bridge Road). Call us at 65350851 today

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