Welcome to Fitness Factory

Established in 2005, Fitness Factory is Singapore’s first no-membership exclusive gym, the award-winning original personal-training only gym.

Fitness Factory

A vision to ‘grow people into being their own personal champions’ has Fitness Factory emerge as one of the premier fitness gyms of Singapore. Set up in 2005, Fitness Factory prides itself in being the original personal-training only gym and the first no-membership exclusive gym.

Fully-Customised Personal Training

Designed to be unique and progressive to take you through all facets of your fitness development

Personal Nutrition Consultation

One-to-one consultation will help you to understand more on your personal dietary requirements.

Restorative Stretch Therapy  (RST™)

To get Better posture, relief of pain and general well-being.

In-Depth Body Analysis (seca mBCA)

Most comprehensive body composition analysis.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Sanitise before entering and upon leaving the gym. Sanitisers are readily available in our facilities

Mask on at all times unless performing strenuous activities. It must be put on immediately after the completion of activities

Air purifiers are installed in the facility to protect you from transmission of airborne viruses and aerosols, and reducing allergen triggers.

Keeping a safe distance of 3 metres between 2 person. There shall be no intermingling between groups.

Facility ventilation will be executed frequently in the gym to improve indoor air quality in buildings amid the COVID-19 situation

Disinfection of equipment will be done after every use