Tips and Tricks You Can Use!

It’s the holiday season once again and many people would be wondering, “How am I going to keep myself active and healthy during this festive season?” It’s actually much simpler than you think!

Tip #1
Do not arrive on an empty stomach

Plan ahead. If you know that you’ll be going out to a party/gathering, fill your stomach with a light healthy snack or water to prevent yourself from overeating or over-indulging. 

Tip #2

Portion your food

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean that you should go all out and eat whatever you want. It is never a wise decision to overeat, regardless of whether the food is healthy or not. Rather than overindulging, you can share your favourite dishes and healthier alternatives with a family member or friend. 

Tip #3

Choose the correct food

Instead of consuming empty calories, choose foods that contains nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates. Empty-calorie foods can cause weight gain, especially if your calorie intake exceeds your activity level. Nutrient-dense foods, on the other hand, aid in maintaining a healthy weight while also providing nutrients that protect against disease.

Tip #4

Decline politely

It is fine to politely decline seconds from friends, colleagues or relatives. “I am full.” or “I’m taking a break,” should cause them to back off and you can decide whether or not you want more later.

Tip #5

Make time to exercise

No doubt it’s the holiday season but training never stops. You may take a day or two off but always make time to get in an hour of exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy as well as to burn off those extra calories that you put on while feasting. Squeeze in a 30 minutes run in the park or the treadmill, or make an appointment with your personal trainer to burn those calories by engaging in weight training in the gym.

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