Gregor (Before)

A friend and colleague recommended Fitness Factory to me during a conversation about other gyms in Singapore and how I felt they were lacking the personal touch.  Having heard his positive experience at Fitness Factory I arranged to meet Augustine and quickly warmed to his enthusiasm for fitness and the lifestyle that goes with it. This resonated with me as I had a fairly sporty background in rugby and swimming amongst other sports but I had been struggling with consistency in going to the gym and also in diet which in turn led to weight gain.

At my first session at Fitness Factory measurements were taken to give a starting point of weight, size and body fat percentage.  I also set out my goals for what I wanted to achieve which was to loose weight and body fat.

During the workouts the trainers are very helpful. For each exercise they performed demonstrations and give key pointers for form and range of motion. What impressed me the most was that this wasn’t a one way discussion as they also asked for feedback on where I felt the exercise targeted.  It took me a while but the key distinction from what had done before was that I was there to train muscles and not to lift weights.

I had two senior trainers, Nat and Kiro, and trained 3 times per week.  I felt very comfortable with both the trainers. Two sessions were never the same and the pace of the workout was well measured.  They focused on quality not quantity to maintain effectiveness.  I also feel the variety of exercises and the ability of both trainers to spot weak points and improve on them is a great benefit.

Gregor (After)

As I progressed through my training sessions I was also prompted to prepare a food log.  This was used as input to a Nutrition session with Joan.  This was extremely useful as I had little or no knowledge of the fundamentals of nutrition.  Joan made small adjustments to my typical diet and gave excellent guidelines on portion control along with what types of food I should be eating.  I revisited this over the course of the training as my needs changed.  For example since I have been training at Fitness Factory I have taken part in two Duathlon races and one 10KM race.  Fitness Factory helped me change diet and supplements to ensure I was fueled correctly for these events.

My initial goals were quickly realized but not without a fair bit of effort, will power and determination. I could see the progress during the months and this motivated me to continue and see what was possible.  Currently I am training for a 10KM run which I target to beat my time from the previous year.  Having lost over 15kg and 10% body fat through my change in lifestyle and consistent training I feel I am well equipped and I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of the team at Fitness Factory.

Gregor Thomson
Lead Engineer (Asia Pacific Region)
FMC Technologies (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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