Brayden (Before)

I have engaged many personal trainers in the past, but none come close to the level of focus, passion and commitment that I have seen from the trainers first hand at Fitness Factory. I have been training with Paul and Nat for twelve months now, and my only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner. Under Augustine and Joan’s leadership, Paul and Nat spend a significant amount of time, firstly to thoroughly understand what it is I would like to achieve, and then equally ensuring that I am completely aware of the plan of action to get me there. I truly admire them for their constant feedback on my progress, and they never fail to hold me accountable by emphasising areas that require my continued focus.

Brayden (After)

Before joining Fitness Factory, I weighed in at 68kg, I was frequently missing meals, I often slept poorly, and I was generally weak and repeatedly unwell. Upon joining Fitness Factory and talking through my goals with Paul, he customised a training program that covered the full spectrum of my general health and wellbeing, from an intensive weights program through to personalised nutrition consultations. Within my first four weeks, my weight was up at 75kg (5kg net increase of lean muscle mass), I had a completely new outlook on, and consciousness of, what I was eating and I was sleeping solidly again. Twelve months on, I haven’t fallen ill once – incredible!

I also admire Fitness Factory as an organisation for their agility and community engagement. Three months ago I told my trainer I wanted to run 100km through the mountainous terrain of the MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong this November to raise vital funds for the charity Oxfam and create awareness of their contribution to finding solutions to poverty and related injustices around the world. Fitness Factory have been extremely supportive and, as my trusted advisor, made relevant adjustments to my training program & guidance on my diet and sustenance. More exceptionally, Fitness Factory has provided corporate sponsorship in support of my fundraising goal.

I have just signed up to my fourth package with Fitness Factory, and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Brayden Winkler
Services Sales Manager

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