Andy (Before)

It all started with my objective of losing weight and keeping fit. I had wanted a “one-stop” gym that provided personal trainers and nutritional advice, and Fitness Factory is “IT”! From the day I started training, the personal training by my trainer Kiro was carefully tailored and geared towards achieving my objective. Very soon, I found myself wanting to come to the gym everyday; such is the testimony of the professionalism and vast experience, which Fitness Factory possess. As the saying goes, “it takes two to clap”, Kiro guides me in the correct techniques and motivates me, while I remain focused and committed to my objective. Augustine and Joan also give sound advice and encouragement, which helps a lot!

Andy (After)

With such professionalism by Fitness Factory and my immense “hunger” and wanting very badly to achieve my objective, I have lost about 15kgs since the day I started training in the gym. Even when I achieve my ideal weight, I intend to stay with Fitness Factory, to maintain and strive for further improvements in my fitness. Learning never stops, and the “show” never ends.

Well done to Fitness Factory, and a BIG THANK You!

Andy Wee
Assistant Vice President (Engineering)
Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd

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